Welcome to Next Nutrition

Next Nutrition is a privately held company whose focus and mission is to create pure, potent, organic nutritional supplements that are not only a great value, but also genuinely make a difference to the health and well-being of our customers.

To accomplish this, we rely on our highly researched and time-tested formulas that we uphold with an uncompromised set of complete quality standards and care. In fact, we’re so particular about our ingredients and the processes we use to make our products that we now do most everything our way, ourselves. Beginning with purified water, our product formulations combine special ingredients to achieve mineralization, antioxidants and alkalinity in a unique way to increase the bio-availability to the body. You’ll feel the energizing effects of our products!

We’ve created a specialized niche by incorporating Active Hydrogen into several of our products. The H-minus ion (or H- ion) plays a critical role in all known life forms on earth by acting as both an energy carrier (providing "energy currency") and as an antioxidant in numerous biological systems. Its high antioxidizing abilities (1019 ), heightens physical energy and supports increased cellular hydration. We invite you to take some time to explore our website and learn more about our products and our vision as a company. We have a great team of customer support specialists so if you have questions about anything please send us an email. We would welcome your contact with us.

Add A New Income Stream

Next Nutrition has created a new program that will give you the opportunity to add another income stream to your existing filter service business. In order to introduce our products to a growing number of customers, we have established this recurring revenue model to give dealers an incentive to use our products when making the annual filter changes for their clients. We supply all the necessary tools and pay the dealer both for the initial sale as well as for any re-orders that a customer makes.

Our Products

Our line of filtration and additive products have been designed to make sure customers get the most out of their purified water. Our formulation process has focused on Mineralization, Hydration, and Alkalinity as the core health and wellness concepts that need to be addressed. It is our goal to assist you and other dealers like you to make a positive impact on your customers' health.